image You think you're a power user? Check out Tim McConnell's blog where he tells the story of his trip through the 48 Continental United States. The blog is an hilarious diatribe of his incidents and life while driving - nearly 15,000 miles. It's jam packed with little stories and tons of photos of his trip like getting free shirts from Chipotle Restaurant with his sister in Colorado, to his trip to KFC while in Kentucky, and his visit to Tennessee to watch a paper mill burn to the ground. Check out the whole trip planned out in Streets and Trips under the trip schedule.


He provides kudos for Streets and Trips 2008 and, man, this is an entertaining blog, so I just had to share it with everyone. In his own words...

Hi - I thought you guys might be interested in my Trip - I'm visiting all 48 state Capitols in two months. My car is an 84 Volkswagen Scirocco with 250,000 miles already on it. The whole trip was planned in Streets and Trips 2008.

I wanted to do this, and part of it was just a challenge to see if Streets and Trips would crash when I put in all 48 and used "optimize stops" -- It didn't crash. The distance is about 15,000 miles. There are a lot of detours for friend's houses, points of interest, and all that.
I've been using my computer to post updates to my blog at  -- Just thought somebody on the Streets and Trips team should know - I appreciate this software so much - it's simply the best at this sort of thing.

I am about halfway done right now - I'm currently in Arizona, about to go to LA. Then I'll drive up the pacific coast highway to the Pacific Northwest before I wrap around and hit all of the northern states to return to my starting point in Philadelphia.

I wish I had absolutely nothing to do so I could drive around and see the US. If you have absolutely nothing to do today, waste some of it reading Tim's blog - funny stuff. And, Tim, when you get to Olympia take the extra hour to come to Redmond - we'd love to meet you, buddy.


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