[Just starting out with mp so please bear with me. MP2004 N.A edition.]

Within a mp add-in, I'm trying to display the address after a user performs a find. (The user does a find, finds what they are looking for and then selects my add-in from the tools menu.)

If the user types in a street address, it creates a pushpin. When they select my add-in, I use the datasets object of the active map to access the pushpin and I'm able to display the address on my add-in dialog. (For now, don't worry about multiple pushpins.)

The problem comes when the user finds a place, for example, "Yankee Stadium." The count of the datasets property of the active map is 0 and location doesn't seem to give me any information I can use. (streetaddress is nothing, name is blank, placecategory is nothing, etc.) The balloon that is displayed for the place has this information, I just can't figure out how to get it.

The odd thing is that I can successfully use the location property of the active map for a distance calculation even though I can't figure out how to get any data from the location.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as how to display address after a find?