First off, kudos to those involved in this forum as it has helped me find solutions on a number of occasions... I have used the mappoint activeX control in various c++ applications, and have overcome a number of challenges thanks to some of the folks here!

My latest endeavor (in c++) has me using the Mappoint control in a modeless dialog created from an SDI application. In the dialog, I need to allow the selection of a rectangular region so I can calculate the region's bounding box lat/lon coordinates (but I do not want to implement/allow the subsequent zoom operation). It seems that anytime I change Map object's DragBehavior property, a subsequent click on the map results in the following popup message from the Mappoint ActiveX control (on the first click only, subsequent clicks are ok):

"An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call."

I have this same basic functionality embedded directly in an SDI, and in a standalone Dialog based app, and neither of those exhibit this problem....

Any suggestions?