I'm seeing a weird problem with MapPoint and a VB add-in.
The problem is only seen with MP2006 (Eur or NAm) and XP.
W2K, MP2002/4 are fine.

It looks like the DLL is being overwritten/corrupted when it is loaded into MapPoint. I've seen some "funnies" a few eeks back, but currently there are two definite problems. The first is one of the dialog boxes in my add-in has three radio buttons that have their properties corrupted - they appear with black background and foreground text. (they're fine with MP2002/4 or W2K - ie. it isn't the VB6 compiler).

The second is that the main processing stage will progress for a while and then (the exact point varies), halts, and kills MapPoint. Interestingly a "Disconnect" message is fired to my add-in, but basically the whole thing dies.
The process isn't left in XP's process list.

I have tried to display the corrupt dialog box at start up, and this is corrupted before I initialize my code.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I currently have two working ideas.
One is that there really is a memory trample going on. Something in MapPoint 2006 messes up the memory or doesn't reserve it properly.

The second is that perhaps I've been too eager with my public definitions - could they be crossing the MP/DLL boundary? The thing is, the DLL is a COM object, so I'm not sure how that could happen??