I've written a vb6 program that incorporates MapPoint within it.
Once this map has loaded on screen it links to an Access table that has just been updated according to what the user has asked to look at in the program. The Access table contains Postal Districts e.g. ‘YO12’; MapPoint loads these postcodes into a dataset and turns the areas in question green on the map. When the user looks at the map and selects a one of the postal districts it brings a VB form up displaying any information we have on people within this postcode according to our database, the user then has the option to add or remove this postal district depending on whether its already marked as green on the map. So if the user clicks add it turns the area green and if they click remove it gets rid of the green shading. I have the program working perfectly apart from the remove section. I'm removing the information from the Access table but I don't seem to be able to remove the green shaded area from the map.

I really hope there is someone who can help.

Thanks in advance.