I have an issue with finding available stores if I choose state only in address locator. see the below code and please help me any other find services I can use.

see the below VB code.

entityTypeName = "stores"
Dim findNearbySpec As New MapPointService.FindNearbySpecification
findNearbySpec.DataSourceName = datasource.Name
findNearbySpec.LatLong = center
findNearbySpec.Distance = searchRadius
findNearbySpec.Filter = New MapPointService.FindFilter
findNearbySpec.Filter.EntityTypeName = entityTypeName
findNearbySpec.Filter.PropertyNames = New String() {"AddressLine", "City", "State", "Postalcode", "Phone"}
'findNearbySpec.Filter.PropertyNames = New String() {"DisplayName", "Phone"}

foundStores = global.FindServiceClass.FindNearby(findNearbySpec)