Is it possible to programmatically create polygons where all the coordinates of the shape can be 'snapped to' say a particular border, like state, zip, or cencus tract?

We rely on the use of polygons to ship data in an out of Mappoint and would like to be able to have shapes created more automatically than having to draw, say, a state border (actually, for that I've already created read only versions of maps that are really just state border stencils). Ultimately, I'd like to be able to give a user the option of adding areas to a sales territory that are visualized by the inclusion of down to even a particular street address.

I know that with the builtin sales territory features of Mappoint, I can add or remove from a territory down to the census tract level, but often, that's not detailed enough or flexible enough. Also, and perhaps it's just my understanding of things that's fallen short, but anytime I'm working with the builtin territory feature and I want to export all the recs that land in a territory to excel, all I get in the excel is the zip codes or census tract numbers rather than the sales data I'm looking for. Using the polygons to create the excel gets me whatever data I've loaded in to the polygon.

Am I looking at things the wrong way? Is it possible to create code that can determine the border of a pre-existing shape (state, zip, etc.) and build a polygon around it?

Thanks for your time!