I am developing a GPS tracker in VB 6, using custom controls as markers, positioning them on top of the mappoint control.

Now, what I want to happen when a user clicks my marker is for the map to center on the marker and then, if the user uses keyboard or mouse-scroll the map will zoom, centered about the marker.

I have solved the problem of centering the map upon the marker. But even if I use the MappointControl1.setFocus command, the user still has to actually click on the map before it will do any zooming. I want this to be automated. Is there someway to automate the clicking? Or some other command to ready the map for zooming. Sorry if this is a simple question.

Another question I have is this: Where on earth can I find some decent documentation for development using the Mappoint control? Mappoint didnt come with any documentation at all, and MSDN is nowhere near exhaustive enough.