Is there a way to have Mappoint show which zip codes were not mapped out of data that was imported? I would need this in some format to go into Excel, not one at a time in a GUI (Match Records...) With the export to Excel function I can see those that are mapped, which I then compare to those that were prepared for import, but this is cumbersome.

This goes hand in hand with also needing to see which zips are not showing in a shaded area map. For example we have a count of 125 for zip 23464 and a count of 1 for 23467, but on a shaded are map the 1 doesn't show, you only see 125 for 23464. If you mouse over 23467 you see 125 for 23464. I understand why, it is a PO Box zip that will not show on a shaded area map, but I still need to identify it as not included in the shading for the geographical area respresenting 23464 and 23467. We are trying to get a handle on the counts that we may need to manually change to another zip code, particularly when the counts are high. When the counts are high the shading may be drastically different, say a white vs. dark green, and we have very visual users who won't take the time to mouse over to see the data. We could proactively run our zips prior to import against a file showing entity zips, but I haven't heard from USPS if we can obtain this file.