I'm need my real estate oriented Filemaker Pro database application to get jpeg maps and geocodes out of mappoint through a background process. I do not want my users to use the Mappoint user interface at all. Filemaker Pro is a desktop database similar to Access. However, it does not support COM or VB or any of that jazz directly. It does however support DDE Execute commands (but not DDE Requests). It also have strong XML support and does support ODBC.

I'm clueless about windows programming in general, but have made bat files that I call with a DDE command that then run commands to generate text files which I then import into FileMaker. It's ugly, but it works.

I need to be able to send an address and in return get a jpeg file (with a unique name) of the map with a pin point on it corresponding to the address and at the same time provide a text file including the path or name of the jpeg and the geocode. I need to be able to do this one record at a time or as a batch of many records (which could just iterate the above). I also need to be able to do the mapping part with multiple addresses on the same map with numbered push pins.

Can you help?