OK. I'm not a developer or even programmer. I'm trying to figure out if Mappoint is the app that I need (I've already bought it). I'm looking for

an app that is user friendly to a non-software guy why can read manuals etc.

an app that will allow create and amnipulate maps of political subdivisions-- states, counties, etc. I.e.: can Mappoint select a state, county, etc as the starting point for a map.

an app that will allow me to overlay several layers of analysis: color coding by various criteria of counties, zip code boundaries, etc.

an app that will allow me to select the degree of detail for roads, cities/towns etc independent of the area covered in the map.

What I think I really need is a manual that starts about as basic as Mappoint for Dummies ( I have it) but goes a lot further.

Any help will be appreciated. Can you reply to mgross@cwa-tseu.org


Mike Gross
Austin, TX