I am working with large numbers of data sets and I need to automate the process of creating drive time zone excell spredsheet or Access outputs. Here is my challenge....I have two push pin sets, one a set of company locations say 100 loctions and another set of pushpins for physician locations perhaps up to 25,000 locations in the entire state of California. In addition, for each of these physician locations there may be up to 20 or more physician types or as Mappoint calls them "Symbols" in the Data Mapping Wizzard. I need to be able to automate the drive time zone distance calculation process from each employer location to show all physicians with a 30 minute radius of the empolyer site by type and export this information into one spreadsheet or an access database. I have come across three constraints, ONE...there only seems to be a limit of 8 type sets or symbols and I need more...many more at least 20, and TWO the only way I can process drive time reports is one by one and finally...THREE...I cant seem to control the output excell file. I need the output file to subsort data by type codes. Can this be automated with Mappoint or can this be accomplished by some level of programming. In my ideal world this would be also displayed in a nice report and extract file on the web. Please help...this functionality/feature could change my life from HELL to HEAVEN overnight!!!!!!! If this is really complicated can you reccomend a programming dude. I can do some script if someone else has done the thinking. Thanks Bob Mortensen/Newport Beach CA