These are the days where the leaders of the world come together in Copenhagen to define actions in order to fight the Climate Change. 20,000 delegates and an estimated 100,000 protesters have come together and Bing Maps, Windows Azure and Microsoft Surface are amongst the VIP.

It was an honour and a pleasure to attend yesterday’s “Bend the Trend” event in Copenhagen. The European Environment Agency (EEA) was the host of this event and together with their partners the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and European Space Agency (ESA) they had rented the oldest theatre in Copenhagen and invited 400 VIPs for

Parallel events took place in London and Washington.

The film emphasizes the negative effects of climate change and the difference that even small communities can make. The average temperature has already increased by almost 1 degree and the effect of climate change is clearly visible:

  • The ice at the poles is melting faster than before,
  • deserts spread in Georgia in a region that used to be the corn chamber of the Soviet Union.
  • In harsh winters up to 90% of the reindeer population in Lapland dies because of an effect that is caused by “rain on snow”

If the average temperature raises by 3 degrees, 80% of the coral reefs will be dead, droughts will spread in some regions and severe flood will occur in others. In the small stripe were humans can still live, people will fight for space and food. However, this is a disaster that we can prevent without going back to the stone-age or becoming a society of weirdoes. Communities and businesses start to make a change and they are being very profitable at that.


The 2 applications that have been launched yesterday are Bend the Trend and the Environmental Atlas of Europe.

Bend The Trend is an application that shall engage every individual person and encourage them to pledge their contribution to reduce their personal carbon footprint. Communities and regions can also enter the map to compare the engagement of their citizens with other regions.

This application is being developed by our partner Infusion in 3 stages. Stage 1 has been launched yesterday based on the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Stay tuned – there is more exciting stuff to follow.


The Environmental Atlas of Europe is a project that has been launched yesterday in partnership between EEA, UNEP and ESA. Infusion has developed a Microsoft Surface application…


…and I have developed the web application using the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, Windows Azure and SQL Azure. The Atlas tells stories – both positive and negative ones -* about the impact of climate change and the change that even small communities can make. Professional film and photo crews have been criss-crossing Europe to capture the footage and you will find the story in text form, a short video for each story, a photo-show and where available satellite imagery that visualize the change over time. Go for example to Georgia and select the satellite imagery to animate the effect of climate change in the Shiraki Valley over the past 10 years. Photos, videos and text are also available for download.


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