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Getting MapPoint 2006 Pushpins Into MapPoint 2009

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by , 11-24-2008 at 12:30 PM (7590 Views)
A number of discussions about Pushpins have recently appeared on MapForums - the community of Virtual Earth and MapPoint users and developers.

First, Eric Frost notes three appoaches to getting the old MapPoint pushpins into MapPoint 2009.

Richard Marsden has been staying on top of the issue in discussion on his blog on MapForums.

This new "How To" posting on MapForums shows how to download, convert, and import Mapki icon images sets into MapPoint.

Have any questions or information to share? See you on MapForums! If you have not participated on the site before, you can register here.

Updated 11-26-2008 at 02:32 PM by Eric Frost



  1. baseman16's Avatar
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    I'm running an application that works well with versions of mappoint before 2009. The lack of pushpins in the new version kind of messed with out application because we have specific pushpins to represent locations of specific objects. Also it needs to work with all versions of mappoint.

    Bare with me here because my code is at work but we reference the pushpins like so:


    of course any symbol above 45 would produce an exception. The solution I found works the best was to download the 2006 pushpins from the microsoft site and convert them to small png files(or whatever format suits you best), this takes some time but it's a one-time deal.

    Load these pushpins when the map fires up as extended pushpins so now you have the original 336(?) pushpins + 45 that ship with mappoint.

    Now what we want to happen is to call:
    currentMap.Symbol[1] and this will actually be grabbing the 46th symbol.

    In order to do this we need a hashtable to store the real pushpin locations. So we want the first entry into the hashtable to be:


    so the key is 1 and the value is 46. We do this for all 335 pushpins. Basically everything is shifted by 45.

    Now when to get the first pushpin we do this:


    which is the same as


    I think this may be a bit confusing so I'll add some working code tomorrow when i get into work. It will include how to load the bitmaps into memory and how to load the extended pushpins and all that good stuff.
  2. onenonlu_dickie's Avatar
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    I understand the thought process your following here. The hash table seems to be the key but not following how to actually build this in my VBA code. Will wait when you update with the working code you mentionned. This will probably to better then my original plan as I always wanted to create my own custom png pushpins for my application. Thanks and look forward to the code.

  3. PROFIT100 Consulting's Avatar
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    Download the [URL="http://www.mappoint2010.info"]IC-Symbolmanager[/URL].

    That is all you need.

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