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Looking for MPSuperShape beta testers...

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by , 01-21-2013 at 12:39 PM (1341 Views)
I am currently working on v3 of MPSuperShape. This will be a free upgrade for existing licensed users of MPSuperShape v2.*, but it will include support for Windows 8 and a few relatively minor additions.

The Windows 8 support is requiring a complete rewrite of the projection/coordinate system support in the ESRI 'Shape' (SHP) file and MapInfo 'MIF' import/export options. This is where I need the beta testers.
The new version will continue to support multiple coordinate systems and datums, but the MapInfo 'MIF' export option will be restricted to the WGS84 datum due to limitations of the MIF 'Coordsys' specification.

Further information on MPSuperShape can be found at MPSuperShape: Shape Manipulation

A v3 beta should be ready in about a week. Let me know if you are interested in helping with the testing.


  1. Winwaed's Avatar
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    Also looking for MPMileage v2.3 beta testers. This new version adds support for Views (ODBC only), batch operations, log file output, ability to explicitly set the geographic region, and a new "Ambiguous Result" error code for street address locations.
  2. paul.map's Avatar
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    Hi Winwaed,
    I am interested to participate on the betatest. Especially with some of my large shapefiles for european countries.

    Updated 02-19-2013 at 03:04 AM by paul.map (typo)
  3. Eric Frost's Avatar
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  4. Winwaed's Avatar
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    ...and MPMileage v2.3 has just been released. See MPMileage: Batch calculate mileages with Microsoft MapPoint for details.
    This is a free upgrade for existing 2.* users (discounted upgrade licenses are still available for v1.* users).

    MPMileage v2.3 adds the ability to be used in batch mode from the command line. To facilitate this, is also adds a text file logging option. Other new options include support for ODBC Views (with write permission), and the ability to explicitly select MapPoint North America or Europe on systems where both geographic editions are installed.

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