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MPExporter Initial Pre-Release v0.1 available: Export spatial data from Microsoft MapPoint

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by , 05-19-2014 at 09:10 AM (3289 Views)
We have just released the first version of MPExporter, our new spatial data export add-in for Microsoft MapPoint.

MPExporter can export all accessible data (**) from Microsoft MapPoint to KML, interactive HTML (using Bing Maps or Google Maps), and SVG(*).
This includes shapes, datasets, pushpin sets, and routes.

MPExporter has two license levels: Basic and Professional. The Professional license adds the ability to export shaded area datasets as actual shapes. This requires the shape definitions and is currently limited to the US only.

See MPExporter: Export your data from Microsoft MapPoint for further details and a free 7 day trial.

(*) For the first time, we are releasing MPExporter as a "pre-release" version. This "v0.1" lacks SVG support but this will be implemented before the main v1.0 release. All v0.* "pre-release" licenses will be valid for all v0.* and v1.* versions of MPExporter. There will be no upgrade fees for these versions.

(**) The MapPoint restricts access to the built-in demographic data in later versions of MapPoint. It also restricts access to Territory datasets. Therefore all territory datasets and some demographic datasets are inaccessible and MPExporter will not be able to export them.


  1. Winwaed's Avatar
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    We are currently beta testing v0.2 which fixes a number of relatively minor issues and adds support for SVG.

    This is now publicly available:

    MPExporter: Export your data from Microsoft MapPoint

    v0.2 beta fixes a couple of bugs, adds SVG support, and also has a number of temporary diagnostics. If you try v0.2, please let us know how it goes, any problems, etc.
    Updated 06-09-2014 at 10:11 AM by Winwaed

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