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A Busy Week

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by , 07-25-2008 at 11:13 AM (616 Views)
It has been a busy week. A new version of RouteWriter has been through some testing. I shall wait until MP2009 is released before releasing it. The new version adds support for "Groups" in RouteReader. Basically a pushpin set can contain multiple groups, and you can select one (or more) groups from the pushpinset for the route. A pushpin can be in multiple groups, and special groups can be assigned for the start and end locations.

I've also been building a new PC for testing. Perhaps I should have gone for build-to-order like my dev PC, but I ended up having to replace one of the disks (one of 2 died within 24 hours), and the cpu fan. The initial cpu fan was a piece of junk with plastic motherboard clips. The new one has screws which work much better. Unfortunately it is intended for gamers so it has a blue LED - making it look a bit like a "New Who" Dalek with the black & LED blue colour scheme. (why are all the cpu fans in Fry's either over-engineered and showey things sold to suckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hgamers, and the others are small cheaply built pieces of junk? There's no reasonable middle ground)

I found the cooling problem whilst testing a new MapPoint product I have under development. Performance was not as expected, and so I checked the temperatures: yep, only 1 core at 100% was enough to cause it to overheat and for the cpu to start throttling itself.


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