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News and musings from the world of Mapping-Tools.com / Winwaed Software Technology LLC

  1. MPMileage is out!

    by , 09-05-2008 at 08:09 AM (Mapping-Tools.com)
    I've just released a new product, MPMileage:

    MPMileage: Batch calculate mileages with Microsoft MapPoint

    MPMileage is a batch route mileage computation tool. Yes that is similar to MileCharter, but whilst MileCharter computes mileage tables and "find closest" calculations, MPMileage computes point-to-point route listings. These can be listed in Access or Excel (other databases will probably be added in the future). Results are written to the database. MPMileage also ...
  2. Adding MapPoint 2006 Pushpins to MapPoint 2009

    by , 08-20-2008 at 07:43 PM (Mapping-Tools.com)
    I've added some brief notes to my MapPoint 2009 Pushpin listing page, noting how to adding MapPoint 2006's pushpins to MapPoint 2009:

    Pushpin Symbols for Microsoft MapPoint 2009

    Note that I do not own the copyright on these pushpin images so I can not make them available for download - you have to it yourself. Luckily the utilities that you need are freeware.

  3. MapPoint 2009

    by , 08-07-2008 at 09:31 AM (Mapping-Tools.com)
    Earlier this week I had a look through MapPoint 2009, and posted my findings in a comment to Marvin Hlavac's review:


    "Executive Summary": New look to the menus, some usability improvements, but the 300+ pushpins have been replaced with 40 or so different ones. The new pins have less color selection, as well as less shape variations. Also all the numbers/etc have gone.

    Addins and ...
  4. A Busy Week

    by , 07-25-2008 at 11:13 AM (Mapping-Tools.com)
    It has been a busy week. A new version of RouteWriter has been through some testing. I shall wait until MP2009 is released before releasing it. The new version adds support for "Groups" in RouteReader. Basically a pushpin set can contain multiple groups, and you can select one (or more) groups from the pushpinset for the route. A pushpin can be in multiple groups, and special groups can be assigned for the start and end locations.

    I've also been building a new PC for testing. Perhaps ...
  5. Oooo! my first post!

    by , 07-09-2008 at 01:04 PM (Mapping-Tools.com)
    I guess I've tended to avoid blogs and bloggers, although I did post a few posts to the EcoMapCostaRica.com blog back in May. Anyway, I thought I should post the occasional post here so some of the mpaforums/mp2kmag people know what I'm up to.

    So, first an introduction...

    I'm Richard Marsden, owner of Winwaed Software Technology LLC, and operator of Mapping Tools for Microsoft® MapPoint® which sells a number of different MapPoint tools and add-ins. Many of these were ...
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