I am trying to place a pushpin with a name attached.
When I place the pin it reports a name consisting of the pin lat and long co ordinates.
Can anyone show me where I am going wrong?.

The following code works apart from the name bit -

// Edinburgh co ordinates

NowPos=App1->ActiveMap->GetLocation(Lat,Lon,Alt); //Note the targetlocation
App1->ActiveMap->AddPushpin(NowPos,(wchar_t*) "Lorry")->Symbol=85;
//Places the pushpin with name "Lorry" and red lorry symbol.

App1->ActiveMap->GoToLatLong(Lat,Lon,Alt); //redraw the map at the target location

// The map bit works okay and the pushpin has the correct symbol but the wrong name
// the name is showing as the lat,lon co ordinates which means I can't find it again by looking for the name I thought I had allocated.