Hello. I create simple databases and do statistical analysis for a health care organization that tracks dialysis patients. We often like to take a list of a few hundred names and addresses of patients, and calculate what their distance in miles and minutes would be to a new dialysis unit, that will hopefully be closer to their home. In the past, we have used websites like Mapquest to see how many miles this patient is from the proposed unit, looking each patient up one by one. I recently ordered the Mappoint 2002 demo version, hoping that it would make it easier to calculate the miles and minutes from a list of a few hundred patients queried out of our Access 97 database, to an address of a new facility, and insert the miles and minutes of travel time into an Excel spreadsheet. Can anyone provide me with an easy way of doing this? I don't have any visual basic experience, but can use Access 97 and Excel 97 well. Thanks for your help.