Hi Experts!

My company got a MS SQL database of subcontractors around US and web-based trouble ticket system (using ASP and ASP.NET). Our simple goal is: when user enters the address of problem customer on our Intranet website and find nearby subcontractors, it will return a list of subcontractors within search radius. Then user can choose desired subcontractor and create a new ticket from there.

I know that we can do this using MapPoint .NET (Microsoft Subcription Service). My boss is wondering if we can use MapPoint (desktop version) to accomplish what MapPoint .NET does. I guess we rather pay 2 or 3 lisences for MapPoint (desktop version) than $8000/year for MapPoint.NET Sub. Service.

Ok here's my questions:
- Can MapPoint (desktop version) do what MapPoint .NET does ?
- If so, where can I go for references and example?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.