I installed the 15-day trial of Carbonite ( Carbonite Online Backup: Easy. Completely Automatic. Secure ) and thought I'd see how it would do on a workstation with 100 GB of projects to back up.

Carbonite's install guide says it will do about 2 GB per day, so I thought it might take two months to do the initial backup! making it impractical as a offsite backup solution..

However after the first three days it's been averaging 20 GB per day so it's about 3/5's of the way done already.

So I think I'll stick with Carbonite.

Carbonite vs. Mozy
I have also tried Mozy on my laptop - in fact I have a year subscription on there. However, it seems very slow to me, but maybe it is my connection with the laptop. This workstation is on a corporate network with a fast connection.

In the past I read some reviews of Carbonite vs. Mozy and I thought Mozy scored better, that is why I went with Mozy on the laptop. But since it was slow I thought I'd try Carbonite on this workstation.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I am pleasantly surprised with Carbonite's speed so far.