Successfully Pinpoint Potential Newspaper Subscribers with Simmons Circulation Tactician

Achieve Higher Direct Mail Response Rate with Confidence and Ease

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – December 5, 2005 – Simmons, an Experian company and leading authority on the behavior of the American consumer, today announced it has launched Circulation Tactician, a household-based targeting system that allows circulation managers to find potential subscribers in their market that have the same behavioral characteristics as their best, current circulation customers. Circulation Tactician excels because it merges a newspaper’s existing circulation data with Experían’s INSOURCE™ database of over 120 million U.S. Households and delivers it on Simmons software including Microsoft’s MapPoint.

“The beauty of Circulation Tactician is that it targets your best potential subscribers and delivers your household target list utilizing Experían’s INSOURCE database in real time,” said Chris Wilson, president and COO of Simmons Market Research. “And best of all, this wealth of subscriber knowledge is available at the push of a button.”

With circulation down in some parts of the country, newspapers need a competitive edge to reach out to potentially interested households. Circulation Tactician enables newspapers to pinpoint households within zip codes that are most likely to act on newspaper subscription offers.

As an added bonus, newsrooms can also use Circulation Tactician to better understand their readers and select editorial content for their zoned inserts because it has lifestyle and media consumption down to the zone level of interest. Newspapers can keep readers interested in editorial content by speaking to their interests. They can even work with advertisers to select the most appropriate and most effective advertisements for their sections.

“Bringing together the targeting power of Simmons, the reliability of Experian, and the mapping capabilities of Microsoft’s MapPoint, it is clear that Circulation Tactician is a resource no circulation manager can afford to be without,” continued Wilson.

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