With cloud hosting services small and medium business can enhance their business products and reduce the IT infrastructure costs in more than one way. Following are some of the advantages:

Cost effective solution: different business processes and associated applications need unique server and system configuration. But with the services of a cloud host you do not need to invest in server or system up gradation, backup facilities or online security tools.

Management made easy: the day to day management of Applications locally may drain your financial resources as you have to dedicate resources for troubleshooting and IT management personnel. Cloud hosting services makes this process trouble free as the application maintenance is their responsibility. Also most of the service provider provides real time troubleshooting help.

Reliability of the network: Cloud hosting service comes with the assurance of reliability and efficiency of the services. Thus the problem such as server downtime which is faced in case of local network is virtually eliminated. Additionally remote backup as well as online security of the centralized database that an application host provides is more secure than that of the local network.

Access to the application: the real benefit of Cloud hosting is realized in terms of always on access to the application from any online browser regardless of the platform and network. Further cloud hosting service enable multiuser access and real time collaboration with respect to the application.