image Coldwater Creek just launched their snazzy new store locator using Microsoft Virtual Earth just in time for the post holiday bargain shopping rush. Once getting to the store locator page you’ll get a static map image with each state being clickable (or you can select the state of interest from the pull down menu). Where’s Virtual Earth? It’s in the “See Details” link for each store (and don’t even start saying, “The Devil’s in the details.”). Jokers.


Clicking “details” for the individual store on the right will drop you down to an anchor tag for that store, load the Virtual Earth map centered on the store location with custom icon and change the hours for that store on the left (quite detailed noting every day around the holidays). They’ll also provide you with door to door driving directions and step by step instructions – included in the Virtual Earth platform.

And, here’s something fancy – they integrated Windows Live Call. So, when you click on the phone number, it will launch Windows Live Call (looks like Windows Live Messenger) and you can call them from your computer (if you have the service).


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