For Immediate Release:

September 24, 2004

(EAST LANSING, MI) -- Mapping Solutions LLC today announced that its flag ship product Map-In-A-Box for MapInfo Professional has been updated. It now includes seamless access to the high resolution color orthographic aerial images recently made available by Microsoft's TerraServer-USA web portal.

"The integration of aerials with your MapInfo vectorized layers gives you a much more holistic view of your data and markets." said Duncan Campbell, Mapping Solutions Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Currently coverage includes more than 30 metro areas within the United States with more becoming available over time. The resolution of the color imagery is up to one foot per pixel (30 centimeters) with capture dates spanning from February 2001 up to the end of 2002.

The new data complements the current map styles available within Map-In-A-Box. They include five Microsoft MapPoint map styles and also black and white orthographic imagery and 16 color topographic maps made available by the Microsoft TerraServer-USA web service.

The imagery can be toggled on and off though a very simple-to-use graphic user interface (GUI) and it works in conjunction with the Map-In-A-Box find location and reverse geocoding tools.

Further information on the Map-In-A-Box 2.1 upgrade can be found on the Mapping Solutions website ( or by contacting Duncan Campbell directly on 888-Mapping (888-627-7464).

A free trial version is available for download (