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Companies using Mappoint!

This is a discussion on Companies using Mappoint! within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; What companies and type of companies are using Map Point? What are some examples of its use?...

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    Companies using Mappoint!

    What companies and type of companies are using Map Point? What are some examples of its use?

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    There used to be a Domino's case study on Microsoft's site.. they used it for routing / delivery. It's extremely varied, I've done work for people planning training classes around the country and trying to pick the optimal location to host the class. Also, I've done work for a newspaper wanting to examine distribution & delivery patterns. I've also helped a real estate company with plotting properties and a software company that integrates MapPoint for planning / tracking residential service calls. A lot of people use it for managing fleets of vehicles though there are now some EULA restrictions regarding that. See the Gallery section on this site and also I noticed some good examples on Winwaed.com the other day.

    You might also take a browse through the MapPoint Partners site, that will give you more examples.

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    Thanks for the plug - I've only just put those examples up!

    Included amongst the clients I've done MapPoint programming work for, were:

    - looking at a low cost front-end for a property management system.
    They had their own system, but the licensing on maps was prohibitively expensive for many end users. MapPoint has the advantage that it comes with licensed maps.
    This project is currently on hold. A big fish up the out-sourcing chain doesn't appear too interested at the moment.

    - A batch utility that calls MapPoint to produce a table of distances from customer sites to destination sites. This was then used for calculating transportation charges.

    I have another article in the works for MP2KMag that will import gridded data into MapPoint for visualisation purposes. For the demo, I'm using physical earthquake hazard data. Actual earthquakes can then be plotted on top.

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC
    See http://www.mapping-tools.com for MapPoint Tools

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