I created a COM object in Visual Basic for MapPoint ( http://www.hypercubed.com/projects/coordex/ ). In order to access the MapPoint object model I added a project reference to "Microsoft MapPoint 9.0 Object Library (North America)". I didn't realize at the time, although I should have, that this object library will only be available in the North America version. Now that I realize it I can change the reference to "Microsoft MapPoint Control 9.0". Everything appears the work the same as previously. So my questions are these:

1) Will this version now work with the European MapPoint?
2) Does the Microsoft MapPoint Control carry more overhead then the Object Library?
3) Is there a better way to get a COM object to work in both versions?


P.S. Please note the nowhere in my application am I using the MapPoint control. Only the MapPoint object model.