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CSV importing issues

This is a discussion on CSV importing issues within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; Hello everyone. I am trying to import a CSV file and display it as a DataMap. The code is shown ...

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    SideStep is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Dec 2003

    CSV importing issues

    Hello everyone. I am trying to import a CSV file and display it as a DataMap. The code is shown below

    Dim objApp As MappointControl
    Dim oDD As MapPoint.DataSets
    Dim oDS As MapPoint.DataSet
    Dim DM As MapPoint.DataMap
    szConn = "C:\testfile.csv"

    Set oDD = objApp.ActiveMap.DataSets
    Set oDS = oDD.ImportData(szConn, , _
    geoCountryDefault, _
    geoDelimiterComma, _

    Set DM = oDS.DisplayDataMap(geoDataMapTypeShadedArea)

    I get RTE 91 Object Variable or With Block not set. Its objecting to the line:
    Set oDD = objApp.ActiveMap.DataSets

    I have played around with this to no avail. I'm sure it is something simple but it has escaped me so far and I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Martel is offline Junior Member Yellow Belt
    Join Date
    Feb 2003
    Are you setting objApp equal to the MapPoint control you are trying to reference before trying to Set oDD = objApp.ActiveMap.Datasets?

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    Anonymous is offline Senior Member Black Belt
    Join Date
    Jul 2002
    I'm slowly making sense of this. I used this code with a csv file with the following fields Street Address, State/Province, City, Country. The file has 4 Canadian Address' and 1 US Address

    Dim objMap As MapPointCtl.Map
    Dim objdataset As MapPointCtl.DataSet
    Dim objdatamap As MapPointCtl.DataMap
    Set objMap = MPC.NewMap(geoMapNorthAmerica)
    Set objMap = MPC.ActiveMap
    Set objdataset = objMap.DataSets.ImportData("c:\test.csv", , geoCountryCanada, geoDelimiterComma)
    Set objdatamap = objdataset.DisplayDataMap(geoDataMapTypeShadedArea )


    1.This plots all 4 Canadian Address by Province fine, but doesn't plot the US address. If I use geoCountryUnitedStates or geoCountryMultiCountry - I get the message Incorrect parameter and nothing plots.

    2. If I use (geoDataMapTypeShadedArea,, geoshowbyCountry) the Address for both Canada and the US plot properly by Country

    3. If I use (geoDataMapTypeShadedArea,, geoshowbyCity), I get the messageError 4073 Cannot map data because the selected geography type is invalid

    Any insight into this? Also how do I get the legend and Map title to appear. Any help would be appreciated.

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