Case Study Completed with Florida Partnership for Strong Families
Lodi, NJ---Cubistix, an independent software developer located in NJ, today released GeoSpatial Case Manager, an innovative solution developed for child welfare services in response to the unique challenges facing their industry. Cubistix also announced today the results of an in depth case study and proof of concept completed with Florida’s Partnership for Strong Families (PSF).

The Cubistix software was tested and implemented with PSF over the past 6 months and provides a comprehensive solution to the complex problems in providing quality care to children in the foster care system. The case study was written and sponsored by MicrosoftÒ.

In response to the challenges facing the child welfare industry, Cubistix created a solution based upon MicrosoftÒ MapPoint 2004 technology that is easily adaptable, low-cost, and enables agency workers to provide better, quicker, and more targeted services to children in need.

GeoSpatial Case Manager was developed to extract data from the existing databases in child welfare agencies and, using MicrosoftÒ MapPoint 2004, visually express that data on a map.

“GeoSpatial Case Manager is a powerful, complete package of mapping tools that will empower child welfare agencies by providing case workers with the technology necessary to deliver quality service,” explained Jim Carroll, Principal Technology Specialist, MicrosoftÒ State & Local Government Division.

PSF, a private organization located in Gainesville, Florida that provides child welfare services to 11 counties in north-central Florida, chose Cubistix to develop a solution utilizing its advanced mapping technology and location analytics to help caseworkers and managers efficiently and cost-effectively visualize and manage their case loads, identify foster homes, fill gaps for services, and manage neighborhoods, all at the spatial level through the use of mapping technology.

The case study revealed a projected cost savings of 14 percent for every placement of a child in foster care. Caseworkers are able to provide a ‘Continuum of Care’ to children in need by optimizing agency workload, reducing time in locating services and foster homes for children, and having easier and more functional access into their data.

By using the Cubistix Location Analytics software and specialized analytics,there is less delay in delivering services to children because paper and manual processing is reduced now that we can visually access our data,” explained Steven J. Murphy, President & CEO, Partnership for Strong Families. “GeoSpatial Case Manager provides caseworkers with maps and directions, standardized electronic forms, mail merge capabilities, and the ability to see plotted on a map the number and location of available foster homes, medical and social services in a particular community.”

Keith Armonaitis, President of Cubistix, maintains a philosophy of providing technology solutions to address the unique problems facing the public and private sectors.

“Cubistix has always believed in providing the tools needed to visualize data in its most natural form”, explained Keith Armonaitis, President of Cubistix. “For data with geographical constraints, such as child welfare services, a map-based interface is the most intuitive and natural way to view this information. Our application helps agency workers reduce the time spent on sifting through spreadsheets and lists trying to figure out what homes and services are available. Now they can literally see the information they need on an area map. This will provide caseworkers with the time they need to deliver prompt, quality services to children in need.”

Cubistix is planning on implementing the software in various agencies throughout the country.

“ We are very excited to begin making this solution available to government agencies across the country.” added Carroll.

Cubistix is an innovative software company providing powerful location analytics solutions and services to businesses and organizations in the public and private sectors. Utilizing state-of-the-art MicrosoftÒ technology, Cubistix develops, licenses, and integrates a family of applications that marries technology and spatial mapping, enabling businesses to facilitate superior customer service, generate revenue, target customers, and reduce costs.