Cubistix Announces Release Of CRM Front-End 2.0 Map-Based Interface for CRM Databases

Lodi, NJ---Cubistix, an independent software developer based in New Jersey, announces the release of its CRM Front-End 2.0, an intuitive map-based interface for use with the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM system. The product will be launched and demonstrated at the DCI Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Conference and Exposition in San Francisco August 30—September 2nd, and is available for purchase from the Cubistix website.

Cubistix CRM Front-End provides users with a powerful, quick and easy way to manage the needs of their customers through visualization of their CRM data. Utilizing a patent-pending methodology, CRM Front-End was built to interact with a company’s existing CRM data, extracting needed information and applying it to a map, without the need for complex querying languages.

“CRM Front-End was developed to enable businesses to meet the needs of their customers and clients by making optimal use of their CRM data,” explained Keith Armonaitis, President of Cubistix. “Our product offers advanced integration capabilities and visual tools that allow our clients to do more with their data without having to constantly go back to their IT organization.”

Lead management, sales and market penetration, campaign management and sales force automation are among the many features provided by the Cubistix product. CRM Front-End’s tight integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft MapPoint 2004 enables customers to utilize their rich business information much more easily and comprehensively than ever before. The software allows users to send targeted letters and customized emails to current and prospective clients with its 1-Click Mail Merge and its advanced integration with Microsoft Outlook. The incorporation of MapPoint 2004 into CRM Front-End provides users with the ability to create multi-tiered marketing campaigns by segregating their campaigns into geographical containers, plotting customer leads on a map, and exporting maps into Microsoft Word documents.

“MapPoint 2004 addresses the growing need among businesses for an easy-to-use tool that helps them locate customers and prospects, analyze data and trends, and discover risks and opportunities,” said Tom Bailey, director of marketing of the MapPoint Business Unit at Microsoft Corp. “Cubistix’s integration of MapPoint 2004 into its CRM Front End 2.0 exhibits how the software is easily customizable, and provides a cost-effective way for companies to add location data into their business processes.”

“The Cubistix CRM Front End solution has provide us with powerful and easy to use tools to "visualize" our data in its most natural form—on a map--and to measure the market demand potential for our products with an intuitive geographic interface,” said Tony Yenidjeian,VP & CIO, Petals Decorative Accents LLC.

“As a multi-channel retailer, we are committed to integrating customer information and building marketing campaigns across all of our selling channels; however, this has been a costly and complicated process due to the restrictive nature of available CRM technologies,” explained Yenidjeian.

“With Cubistix CRM Front-End, we are now able to visualize our CRM data, measure market potential, set and achieve greater revenue and market-share goals, and identify and understand critical drivers for new market demand opportunities. Our marketing division thinks it is the best tool they have ever used, and I don’t know of any other company offering such a product.”

“Sales forces can enhance productivity by targeting multiple clients within a specific geographic territory, plot their leads on a map, and effectively reach those customers with turn-by-turn directions,” explained Armonaitis. “And they can do all of this simply and easily, with our software.”

Cubistix is an innovative software company providing powerful location analytics solutions and services to businesses and organizations in the public and private sectors. Utilizing a patent-pending methodology, and built upon state-of-the-art Microsoft technology, Cubistix develops, licenses, and integrates a family of applications that marries technology and spatial mapping, enabling businesses to facilitate superior customer service, generate revenue, target customers, and reduce costs

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New Jersey, Cubistix Location Analytics software was developed to provide business solutions and services to data-intensive corporations and organizations. Cubistix’ innovative software products put the power and control of information technology into the hands of business and sales/marketing executives, not-for-profit entities, and state and local agencies.

Other Cubistix products include GeoSpatial Case Manager, an innovative software case management system for Child Welfare Services and Juvenile Justice Systems, developed to help manage agency workload and enable caseworkers to provide a ‘Continuum of Care;’ Political Opsoft, a visual campaign management tool allowing field managers and staff to model, track, and deploy voter initiatives through map-centric campaign management tools; and Customized Location Analytics, visual tools and map-based interface customized for use in manufacturing, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, government agencies.

For more information about Cubistix, or for a company demonstration, visit their website at or contact their headquarters at 877-764-5335.