Innovative Software Technology Provides Businesses With Real-Time Location Solutions

ROCKAWAY, N.J., March 22 -- Cubistix, an independent software developer located in New Jersey, has successfully completed a year of testing their Location Analytics software with Pechter's Baking Group, LLC. Developed to provide business solutions and services to data-intensive corporations and organizations, the Cubistix suite of products utilizes their patent-pending methodology with tools built upon Microsoft® MapPoint® 2004 and MapPoint® Location Server that interacts with a company's existing database system, extracting the information that is needed by utilizing an intuitive map-based interface.

Pechter's, a 124-year-old wholesale baking company located in Harrison, N.J., began implementing the program with its sales force in the beginning of 2004. The software provides delivery drivers with point-to-point directions and maps for all of their routes and reduces the response time and delivery costs for special deliveries by dispatching drivers closest in proximity for Just-In-Time customer service. "We are very excited about using Cubistix Location Analytics software as a tool that provides us with several much needed business solutions," said Gus Loukas, VP Finance, Pechter's.

The Cubistix software system implemented at Pechter's is being demonstrated by Cubistix at the Microsoft Mobility Developers Conference in San Francisco the week of March 23rd. Microsoft invited Cubistix to be featured in the launch event of the new Microsoft® Location Server at which time Cubistix will unveil their new software program.

"Microsoft has provided us with the key components to create software that enable companies to bridge the gap across the IT and business divide," said Keith Armonaitis, President of Cubistix. "Cubistix' focus on strategic alignment is the cornerstone of the tools that we develop. Our software is easily integrated with other products and provides the tools needed by businesses and organizations to target and leverage customers through easy visualization of untapped company data."

Cubistix is also working with Partnership for Strong Families, a service provider for the Florida Child Welfare Services Department, to provide easier and more functional access to their data, enabling them to manage neighborhoods at the spatial level and visualize and prioritize their caseloads. "Cubistix has provided us with the ability to visually access our data in a user-friendly format and deliver prompt, quality service to children in need," said Steven J. Murphy, President & CFO, Partnership for Strong Families.

In 2002, Cubistix developed Political OPSWARE, a software program that allows campaign managers to model, track, and deploy voter initiatives through a map-centric campaign management tool. The software has been customized for use on Tablet Computing, Microsoft® Windows CE, and Microsoft® Smartphone devices.

For more information about Cubistix, or for a company demonstration of the software, visit their website at or contact their headquarters at 877-764-5335.