Powerful Mobile Tracking Solution for Asset Location and Recovery takes advantage of Sprint Business Mobility Framework and Microsoft MapPoint Location Server

ROCKAWAY, N.J., May 16 -- Cubistix announced the national availability of SecureTrakker, a web-based tracking and auditing application that provides real-time location tracking for small and mid-size businesses to cost effectively manage, track, and protect their mobile workforces and fleet assets. SecureTrakker takes advantage of the national availability of the Sprint Business Mobility Framework and Microsoft availability of the Sprint location provider for MapPoint Location Server (MLS). As a result, SecureTrakker customers can connect to Sprint's cellular data network to access the location of mobile phones and stand alone tracking devices.

SecureTrakker was developed to provide all businesses with the same competitive advantage as larger businesses to track their assets and workforce, gain a competitive edge, maximize profits and reduce capital loss without the high costs associated with developing a customized solution.

"We have been out in the trenches and have become acutely aware of the demand for Location Based Services by businesses that want to manage their mobile resources and assets," explains Keith Armonaitis, CEO and President of Cubistix. "Until now, companies have had to invest large amounts of capital to customize their own system and infrastructure, create or purchase expensive applications, procure the devices, and obtain the necessary certificates. With SecureTrakker, we provide companies with a complete tracking solution that can be tailored to each individual business."

SecureTrakker utilizes location analytics and Cubistix' patent-pending 'Just-In-Time' customer service application and is built on Microsoft MapPoint Location Server a component of the MapPoint Web Service to connect to Sprint's cellular data network to access the location of mobile phones and stand alone tracking devices. The information received is then integrated with the functions required for tracking, audit reporting and map rendering, into a state-of-the-art, fully functional, web-based portal that is customizable, highly secure, affordable, and easy to implement.

"Cubistix is helping to answer customers' demand for innovation by using the MapPoint Location Server familiar development environment to add real-time location intelligence to its applications and services," said Trina Seinfeld, senior product manager at Microsoft Corp. "The Cubistix SecureTrakker is a great example of how our industry partners can realize new revenue streams by integrating MapPoint location intelligence into business applications and services for their customers."

Cubistix has been working with Sprint to deliver its location service through Sprint's Business Mobility Framework (BMF). At this time, Sprint is the only US carrier currently providing location-based services with MapPoint Location Server, positioning the company with a competitive advantage over all other US carriers.

The SecureTrakker application has been successfully deployed for the past few months at Pechter's Baking Group, LLC, a wholesale baking company located in New Jersey that has built its reputation on delivering superior customer service and satisfaction. By using SecureTrakker, Pechter's has been able to reduce its driver response time and delivery costs, maximize profits, and enhance its customer service by dispatching drivers in the closest proximity to their customers.

"When an unforeseen delivery problem arises, such as in the case of special deliveries, and a driver needs to be dispatched immediately, SecureTrakker allows us to quickly and accurately locate the drivers in a targeted geographical area and swiftly respond to the customer-in-need," explains Gus Loukas, VP of Finance, Pechter's. "Depending upon our distance from the customer, we estimate our potential savings in special delivery costs to drop by up to 50 percent. This translates into an annual savings of over $250,000 and an ROI in 3-4 months."

"By using a cellular based solution, our customers are able to locate their assets even in places where traditional satellite-based GPS services don't work, such as in tunnels, under dense foliage, and in areas where clear line of sight to the sky is impaired, such as in most metropolitan cities," added Armonaitis. "Add to this the fact that the devices are significantly less expensive than their satellite counterparts, and you have a winning combination."

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New Jersey, Cubistix is an innovative software company providing powerful location analytics solutions and services to data intensive businesses and organizations in the public and private sectors. Utilizing a patent-pending methodology, and built upon state-of-the- art Microsoft technology, Cubistix develops, licenses, and integrates a family of applications that marries technology and spatial mapping, enabling businesses to facilitate superior customer service, generate revenue, target customers, and reduce costs. Additional information about Cubistix and SecureTrakker can be found at www.Cubistix.com and www.SecureTrakker.com