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da vinci code discussion questions

This is a discussion on da vinci code discussion questions within the General Chat forums, part of the Map Forums category; I feel everybody makes a big deal out Mr. Brown's book because it scratches the surface of topics we deem ...

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    Anonymous is offline Senior Member Black Belt
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    Jul 2002

    What I think of the Da Vinci Code, in brief.

    I feel everybody makes a big deal out Mr. Brown's book because it scratches the surface of topics we deem taboo.
    I have always felt something was 'off' with my faith when comparred to my religion. I saw the almighty as being far more encompassing and compassionate than what the Catholic church was teaching me. If anything, Mr. Brown's book has shined a small light on where to look.
    The books he quotes, the Templar Revelation, the Woman with an Alabaster Jar, and Holy Blood Holy Grail are absolute MUST reads.

    Templar Revelation will explain Da Vinci, and his cryptic symbolism. The author is the one who discovered his code. They also explain John the Baptist's role in the secret hetradoxy, and why Da Vinci was obsessed with him. Their follow up book, Shroud of Turin in whose image? is also a must, it explains the faith of the Cathars.

    the Woman with the Alabaster Jar, sets out to prove Holy Blood Holy Grail wrong, but instead finds even more information of the hetradoxy, from a Christian's point of view. This is a beautiful book that beatifully sings of Jesus and his bride, Mary Magdalene. She also takes the symbolism issue to it's next level.

    Holy Blood, Holy Grail....what can I say, this book is the first step to understanding what the f*ck is going on around us. If you surrvive this one you will need the continuation, the Messianic Legacy.
    These books get closer to the truth than anyother listed above. With out Holy Blood, Holy Grail no other book listed including Mr. Brown's could have been written.

    His book was the 'gateway' book to these others.
    I have read the Catholic bible, King James bible, and parts of the Tora.
    The books listed above helped me make sense of all the confusion between the three 'bibles' and cleared up where the Koran came from.
    They have encouraged me to love God more, making him accessable and beautiful.
    I am now reading the Gnostic bible.

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    Anonymous is offline Senior Member Black Belt
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    Jul 2002
      • the book is a lie a big lie

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    CHRISQ is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Jul 2005


    Well, There we are, some people have no way to express themselves.

    Dan Brown has made himself a lot of money out of his book and good luck to him, as far as the code, well its been around for a long time, is it a lie? is it just fiction? well its got the church worried.
    The new testament is a book it's self and you could say that this is a piece of fiction and a lie, or you could say it's the truth and it really happened.
    I believe and always have that there was a jewish leader called Jesus, who was an exceptional man for his time and commanded great authority and respect, he went to far for the more conservative jewish leaders at the time and that was his downfall. the consequence of his life and the way it ended caused many storeys and retelling of storeys in many languages, therefore we have to take the New testament as it is and not rely on it being 100% factual.
    The early church DID choose which gospels to have as its doctrine and to dismiss what it did not want, you have to remember that these people where pagans first and storeys of gods with amazing powers where the norm.
    If Jesus was married to Mary and had a child, GREAT! There is no reason why this should take away any of his teachings.

    My opinion.

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    da_vinci is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Aug 2005

    Da Vinci Code site

    It's really instersting book to read, but some has no time and needs just the summary others may need to be updated with this bestseller book news.
    I have a gem for them which I have found while digging the web .
    It's really amazing one.
    Wish you great day with this it.

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    Rose is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Aug 2005

    Re: da vinci code discussion questions

    Quote Originally Posted by el
    does anyone have a link to a site where quality discussion questions may be found for brown's book, da vinci code? Or, better yet, can anyone please submit a question that would provoke some thoughtful insights on the material?

    I just saw something really interesting at <www.freewebs.com/holygrail/>
    Should cause a lot of discussion.

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    cab is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Apr 2006

    The Real Agenda Behind the DaVinci Code -- Illuminati

    The real agenda behind the DaVinci Code: The Illuminati are setting everyone up.

    From: The Message of His Kingdom -- Revelation of Joys & Sorrows

    "They Proclaim To Be God: Remember what you have been told in generations past, for the time has come and the lawless ones have now been revealed. They exalt themselves over everything that is God or is worshiped, and they set themselves up in God’s temple proclaiming to be God, by claiming to be direct descendents of God through the blood --- the blood of Jesus Christ. The blood type found on the Shroud of Turin, the suspected burial cloth of Jesus, is blood type AB, which exists in only 2-5% of some populations today. All the other major “blood types” (O,A,B) are mutations from the blood type AB, due to generations of poisoning. Through generations of poisoning they have altered and damaged certain properties (proteins/DNA) of the vast majority of the population, in order to fulfill their quest for the “throne” --- they try to change the set times in their favor. This is how they proclaim to be God, due to their blood type/DNA matching the blood type found on the Shroud of Turin. This massive poisoning is not just affecting the blood, but other body structures and tissues as well; and is self evident in the many diseases, symptoms, ailments and “birth defects” now manifesting. Through one of their secret groups, Priory of Sion, they perpetuate the blasphemous story of the bloodline of Christ --- their claim is that Jesus bore a child/children and these children became royalty in Europe and the bloodline now has many descendants. They also claim that everyone else who does not have blood type AB evolved from apes, and were not created by God, since the man-apes only have the other major “blood types” of O, A and B. This is to separate themselves and exalt themselves above everyone else, so that they proclaim themselves to be God, the designated ones to rule over the earth. We were ALL created with blood type AB with normal healthy protein/DNA properties; the poisons have mutated us into these other “blood types”.
    (More about the poisons here: http://members.cox.net/c.bouthillier...Deficiency.htm
    If link is gone go to this link: http://www.unveilingthem.com/Poisoni...Deficiency.htm)

    To view the hyperlinks and read entire message use the following link:

    Please pass on, share, post & give widest dissemination, and thank you.

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    mark717 is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    May 2007

    Re: da vinci code discussion questions

    da vinci code is blasphemy...why read it when the New Testament is shorter?
    ytuug huh?

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