I am having hard time with MapPoint import feature. Specifically:

1) I try to import from a text file the following data


(save them in a ANSI text file and please try to import them...)

2) I select the Semicolon delimiter

3) ... The first field appears as Date not as Number
Most probably MapPoint fails to determine correctly the data type of the column.

4) I have been experimenting with the locale (Regional Options). But I keep getting the same problem with UK, US, Greek Locale.

Question 1
Have you come across with this kind of incorrect behaviour?

Question 2
If yes, how did you "fix" this bug?

P.s. I do not want to use comma delimiter because the Database is using comma as the decimal symbol.
I have also tried to use tab delimiter but similar problems appeared.

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3
MapPoint Version : 9 - Microsoft MapPoint 2002 European Version.

Nikos Georgopoulos