I am currently utilizing MapPoint 2002. I have an Access 97 database that is utilizing SQL 2000 for its data source.

Within my data I have built in that if a Agency/Nurse is inactive their names are capitalized. This makes it easy to see on the map who is inactive. The data is imported into MapPoint utilizing a UDL and SQL.

With MapPoint I was told from the beginning that changing
a name from Uppercase/Lowercase does not constitute a change within MapPoint so the data records do not get refreshed in MapPoint. So from within Access and SQL I have embedded blank spaces after the first and the last name of the Agency/Nurse.

For example: If the Agency/Nurse is active they will be dislplayed as "Jane Doe". If the Agency/Nurse is inactive they will be displayed as "JANE DOE ". This has been working. Up to now. All of a sudden we are getting people that are not changing correctly on the map based on
this criteria. It appears that when we change the data back to Lowercase, it is not updating on the maps (still shows as Uppercase). I can provide more detail information if needed.

The weird thing about it, is it doesn't happen all the time.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!