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Definitive Wish List for 2014+

This is a discussion on Definitive Wish List for 2014+ within the Wish List forums, part of the MapPoint Desktop Discussion category; Some basic things that should already be implemented but aren't; in order of importance. 1. Routing with live traffic - ...

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    mjfara is offline Member Yellow Belt
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    Mar 2010

    Definitive Wish List for 2014+

    Some basic things that should already be implemented but aren't; in order of importance.

    1. Routing with live traffic
    - If bing can do it, why not allow MapPoint to access that same traffic data and route accordingly?
    - Or to make it easier for you MapPoint programmers, create a webservice that will accept 2 addresses, route with traffic in bing maps, and send back a gpx file to be PROGRAMATICALLY inserted into MapPoint.
    - MapPoint fails to dedicated GPS devices which can route with traffic, why would anyone use this solution for GPS over any other?

    2. A better API
    - I stress the word PROGRAMATICALLY, please give us more options, we need a better API in order to utilize MapPoint to it's potential.
    - This one is a given, so many simple things that we should have access to and don't, like the driving speed from the gps. You made it "show everywhere" in 2013, but you give us no access to it from the API.
    Such a simple task to expose that variable, yet I have to write about it on a wishlist.

    3. Performance
    - Routing can use some optimizing, this may be because I am used to servers doing the routing for me on Bing and Google, I guess they have much more processing power.
    - Panning around the map is horrific, it looks so much cleaner in a browser on Bing and Google, I think it needs an overhaul.

    4. Visual Improvements
    - MapPoint looks dull compared to Bing and Google maps, improve on the graphics, it's not that important but would make things look nicer.
    - How about allowing transparent fills? Bing can set the opacity of a shape from 0-100%, in MapPoint it's either filled or is not, makes for very tacky looking shapes and discourages it's use altogether.

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    Eric Frost's Avatar
    Eric Frost is offline Administrator Black Belt
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    Re: Definitive Wish List for 2014+

    This is awesome. Working with clients, I think there are several profiles or types or ways people use MapPoint. IMHO, it's like it's 5 or more different products serving different functions. The example I like to give during training sessions, is that my wife used to always use it to find different types of restaurants when traveling. Without needing an internet connection, she could fire up her laptop and search for Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican or whatever she had a taste for. So for her, MapPoint was strictly a restaurant finding tool.

    For other people, it's used simply as an inexpensive geocoder to get lat/lon's for addresses. Other people use to it automate and Optimize daily delivery routes. For others, MapPoint is strictly a tool for visualizing and balancing territories. I don't know how many people use it in GPS applications. For each application or use of MapPoint, they could have different Wish Lists, but looking at the last two releases, it's not been much more than updating Streets. At least with this releases there are some enhancements and POI updates, with MP10 -> MP11 it was purely just a street update.
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    mjfara is offline Member Yellow Belt
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    Mar 2010

    Re: Definitive Wish List for 2014+

    I guess I never looked at it that way. For me, MapPoint's power lies in it's API. In fact, I don't know of any other mapping solution that allows programming integration.
    I use it for dispatching software on the dispatch pc, as well as all the vehicles.
    The dispatcher enters the address and the vehicle, and MapPoint geocodes the location. It then gets uploaded to a database where the vehicle computers will read it.
    MapPoint will take that address, and route it for the vehicle, all programatically. The driver just needs to hit "Accept Call".
    No other solution can provide me with this functionality (that I know of), this is why I see it first and foremost as a mapping tool for developers.
    This day in age, most people are always connected to the internet, smartphones are everywhere. A quick google map search on my iPhone will give me any info that MapPoint would in terms of POI, and it fits in my pocket.

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