I am using Mappoint 2010. The driving instructions do not show a direction (N, S, E, W) for entering a highway or freeway. However, it shows a direction for entering a country rd (CR) or a street. Below is an example:

9:03 AM 0.6 Turn RIGHT (West) onto CR-3 [Excelsior Blvd E] 0.1 mi
9:03 AM 0.7 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-169 2.0 mi US-169
9:05 AM 2.7 Keep RIGHT onto Ramp 0.1 mi Cedar Lake Rd
9:06 AM 2.9 Turn LEFT (North) onto Jordan Ave, then immediately turn RIGHT (East) onto Cedar Lake Rd S 2.7 mi

It tells you to turn right (West) onto CR-3. But it does not tell you which direction ( N, S, E, W) to enter US-169.

Online Map such as Google tells you which direction ( N, S, E, W) to enter a freeway or highway.

Is there an option in Mappoint that you need to set in order to show a direction (N, S, W, E) for entering the freeway or highway.

Thanks in advance for your help.