Has anyone every manually "re-created" the driving directions produced by Mappoint? I have issues of inconsistency with regard to using the clipboard feature (it often will not populate my text control for no appearant reason and with no error thrown).

I want to handle it manually. Thus far, I have this:

txtDirections.Text += Format(objRoute.Directions.Item(iDirectionsLoop).S tartTime, "HH:mm") & " "
txtDirections.Text += objRoute.Directions.Item(iDirectionsLoop).ElapsedD istance & " "
txtDirections.Text += objRoute.Directions.Item(iDirectionsLoop).Instruct ion & " "
txtDirections.Text += Format(objRoute.Directions.Item(iDirectionsLoop).D istance, "##0.0")
txtDirections.Text += vbCrLf

but it ain't too pretty and just wondering if anyone else has done this already.