I've always been curious about the partner/competitor relationship MultiMap has with Microsoft MapPoint/VE unit, I've had discussions with a few people about it and know of at least one engineer who used to be very prominent in the newsgroups and in this forum as a Microsoft employee who went to work for MultiMap.

Anyway, excerpt of a question recently posed to Sean Phelan, founder of MultiMap by Directions Magazine --

Directions Magazine: You're also offering services based on Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service. (From the Multimap site: "The MapPoint services complement Multimap's own services, and provide customers who are already working with MapPoint with a straightforward path to integrating Microsoft's mapping with Multimap's industry-leading customer service and support.") How does that work out with offering your API?

View the response and the full interview here --
Article: Interview: Multimap's Sean Phelan on the Company's Latest API Release