The code below displays shaded map based on an access database. The issue i am having is the following:

I am displaying the field "practice code" from the database which contains the "997". Every time i run the program in visual basic 6.0, it displays a message saying that the parameter is incorrect. If i change the value 997 to a number below 100 in the database, the program works perfectly (shading about 44 counties in Texas). Is there a limitation to numbers above 100? Does anyone have experienced this issue or know a work around it?

Thanks in advance

'---Similar to the Pushpin version, the following code display a shaded data map on the screen

Dim objMap As MapPointCtl.Map
Dim szconn As String
Dim objDataSet As MapPoint.DataSet
Dim objDataMap As MapPoint.DataMap
Dim objField As MapPoint.Field
Dim lRangeValues(1 To 5) As Variant
Dim zRangeNames(1 To 4) As String
Dim lColorRange As Long
Dim objPin As MapPoint.Pushpin
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Dim sSql As String

Set objMap = MappointControl1.NewMap(geoMapNorthAmerica)
Set objMap = MappointControl1.ActiveMap

With objMap.DataSets
szconn = "C:\Silveus\MapPoint\Texas\Texas.mdb!Texas997"
Set objDataSet = .ImportData(szconn, , geoCountryUnitedStates, , geoImportAccessTable)

Set objField = objDataSet.Fields("practicecode")

Set objDataMap = objDataSet.DisplayDataMap(geoRangeTypeUniqueValues , objField, _
geoShowByRegion2, , _
geoRangeTypeDiscreteEqualRanges, _
, _
End With