New System for GPS Tracking Introduced: Do You Know Where Your Vehicles Are?

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Aug. 16 -- RMT Rover, a new GPS tracking system from Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT), allows vehicle owners to access information about the position and status of their vehicles in real time.

"Logistics is a finely calculated trade today, and shippers need to constantly be aware of where their cargo and vehicles are," says Brad Borst, President of RMT. "Our new solution provides a host of GPS tracking services, all in real time and all accessible online."

The GPS tracking software can be accessed from virtually any computer with an Internet connection, and it has been designed to facilitate in multi-tasking applications. The features of the software include geofencing, optimal routing, close and rapid vehicle tracking, and customization.

"Our team has special expertise in moving information wirelessly -- across town or around the world -- using WiFi, cellular and satellite packet data services over 802.11x, GSM, CDMA, GeoSync Satellite and Low Earth Orbit Satellite services," says Borst. "Our mapping is based on GIS systems, such as ESRI ArcGIS MapInfo/MapX and to consumer oriented mapping products such as Microsoft MapPoint to develop web-based and desktop applications."

The vehicle tracking hardware itself provides accuracy of between 3 to 16 feet, and it weighs only 4.5 ounces. Yet this device can transmit a host of data, including not only position but also excessive speeds, excessive idle times, lockdown violations, possible thefts and fleet activity.

"RMT Rover is the ideal tool for vehicle owners and shippers, allowing them to stay on top of their property at all points of time," says Borst. "The constant information flow will afford them a peace of mind that would not be possible otherwise."

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

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