Hi i have a error that i cant figure out
i have an application written in C# that uses the mappoint controll

it worked as expected until i installed Visual Studio 2008 RTM

i am developing the program in VS 2005 and it works fine if i run the program through VS
but if i run the program by outside of VS then i get an error when i try to open a map

i am on vista and have tryed on another computer also with vista but not VS 2008 an there it works as it always has

the error i get when trying to open a map like this

MapPoint failed to load. The cause of this failure is unknown. (MapPoint.Control.13)

ved MapPoint.IMappointCtrl.NewMap(Object Template)
ved AxMapPoint.AxMappointControl.NewMap(Object template)
ved CGDis.Backend.MapViewUC.InitializeMapPoint() i C:\Users\mfg\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\CGDis\CGDisSolution\CGDisSolution\Ba ckend\MapViewUC.cs:linje 48

i have tryed google but no luck
hope sombody here has an anwser