I'm developing a software project using the MapPoint Control, but I have a little problem. I can't include rests in the Directions pane when calculating a route. I'm using this code:

Dim oApp As MapPoint.Application
Set oApp = GetObject(, "MapPoint.Application")
Dim oDrvProf As MapPoint.DriverProfile
Set oDrvProf = oApp.ActiveMap.ActiveRoute.DriverProfile

oDrvProf.StartTime = "7:00 AM"
oDrvProf.EndTime = "8:00 PM"

oDrvProf.IncludeRestStops = True
oDrvProf.TimeBetweenRests = 4 * geoOneHour
oDrvProf.RestStopDuration = 45 * geoOneMinute

oDrvProf.DrivingCostUnits = geoCostBasedOnDistance
oDrvProf.DrivingCost = "1"

Set oRte = oMap.ActiveRoute
With oRte.Waypoints
.Add oMap.FindPlaceResults("Burgos")(1)
.Add oMap.FindPlaceResults("Santiago de Compostela")(1)
End With

Can you tell me where the problem is? I think I'm using it in the right way, but I'm not sure.

Thanks a lot.