Does any sort of elevation data exist in MP? Or is there a add-in which provides this?

I've done a big of search, and can't seem to find anything, but I'm assuming that the data which is in the "Terrain map" is stored somewhere.

The functionality I'd like to have is doing a terrain profile of a route. The easiest example is I map my running routes in MP. I'd like to see how big a hill is before I decide to run up it.)

I've thought about writing something to parse USGS 10M DEM's, sinceI know that has the detail I need. However, that being grid data, I'm not sure how to use it in MP.
(I'm open to suggestions...maybe make it into a "data map", and treat it like any other region. Just each region would be extremely small at 10Mx10M)

Rahn :)