Here's how easy it is to develop a Microsoft Virtual Earth based application:

Kevin Adler, Microsoft Virtual Earth Geospatial Solutions Specialist, was invited to give a 15 minute presentation at a Commonwealth of Virginia Webmaster meeting. My buddy Kevin only gets warmed up after 15 minutes and can then continue extolling the virtues of Virtual Earth long afterward. In that 15 minutes, he did share the web address for the Virtual Earth online interactive software development kit.

Here is email that we received from David Foster, one of the webmasters after that 15 minutes:

"At our last web meeting you gave us the Virtual Earth Code. What a great program!* I developed a small program with Virtual Earth and demonstrated at the 2007 Forum as a BETA / Labs project for eVA.* This application turned out to be a hit for the State and Local Buyers.

Here is the Title of the application:

eVA Emergency Procurement Mapping System

Here is the link:

We are making an impact measured in days, not years. Thank you for making this happen."

Had to highlight the above in red. It says it all!

Here is a screenshot from the application. This one you can visit folks. Just follow the example instructions in the left panel. Remember, that 15 minute presentation was the extent of David's Virtual Earth training.


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