I use MapPoint 2004 EU, Italian installation.

I cannot hide a type of symbol on map.
Its icon is similar to Parking icon.

If I use application and I hide all POI's I see still this icons on map, and if I click on icons no object is selected, like other POI's. It seems painted on the map, like pictures.

If I hide each PlaceCategories with VB:

For i = 1 To objMap.PlaceCategories.Count
Debug.print "PlaceCategory(" & i & ") value: " & objMap.PlaceCategories(i).name
objMap.PlaceCategories(i).visible = False

I have an error on index 12, and PlaceCategory(12).name is (in Italian):
"Locali o night club Regno Unito" (it could be translated with "United Kingdom Night Club")

Some suggestions??