Hello all,

Map coverage of Eastern Europe in MP 2006 is not good (For new EC members - Czech, Polland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia). I don't understand, why MapPoint Web Service (local.live.com) is usable for customers, roads are on map, but in MP2006 DVD( august 2006 ) version are only main roads, and there is no possibilities to find road to e.g. cities with about 50000 people. Eg. you can find address in Krakow(Polland), but you cannot find road to Zakopane and Novy Targ (Polland). But in WebService you can. Also Balkan countries (Serbia, MonteNegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia) are on local.live.com, but not or unusable on MP2006 EU.
Version of MP2002 can be used for roads coverage of Eastern Europe, 2004 strictly cannot be used. New 2006 version also cannot be used because only some (!) roads are available. Also for telematics solutions cannot be used. Should we wait to 2008 version ? It is too late ... Web
Version of road coverage in local.live.com can be enough for using it. (e.g. Poland in MP2006 is 12% coverage and in MapPoint Web Service is 22%).

What to do? Is any map coverage upgrade available for EU version ?