image I’ll be presenting at the EUCI GIS Conference in San Antonio, TX on January 27, 2009. The conference subtitle being, “Technical and Programming Developments for Electric and Gas Utilities” means I get to show off some code so I AM AMPED! Microsoft Virtual Earth has many applications across utilities, so I’m excited to have the opportunity to talk about them.

A little something about the conference: Geographic Information Systems for utilities are advancing with new mobile, server, and network capabilities. The functionality of new application programming interfaces (APIs) for use with mobile GIS along with the integration of revere proxy servers, web-based portals, increased asset inventory, and lowering costs all mean GIS is ready for the next generation.

Data that was once difficult to sort, append, deliver, and update is now being updated real-time by a utilities mobile fleet, while increasing on-the-job work hours an average of 12%. This means the efficiency of utilities should be increasing with the support of advanced GIS. However, some roadblocks remain.


Until lately, costs for mobile GIS solutions have been high, while the technology was somewhat untested in emergency or high-alert situations. This has changed with the increase in vendor products, the implementation by major cutting-edge utilities, and new funding programs including the Department of Commerce's Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) to assist with the initial financial burden of executing advanced GIS.

EUCI’s GIS 2.0 will enhance your base and advanced knowledge on emerging breakthroughs and novel applications in GIS. Delegates and speakers will be able to take away case examples of successful layering, increased performance, enhanced efficiencies, best practices for program execution, and the most modern technologies available.


Check out the EUCI GIS 2.0 conference agenda for full details. Come see me. I’ll get you charged up! Oh, that was bad.


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