Hi all,

I am currently writing an interface using Progress 4GL which will allow users to select locations from mappoint and the relevant data will be sent back to the Progress Interface. I have so far been able to complete about 75% of what I require and am now struggling to capture mouse events within the Mappoint interface.

I have been scouring my Progress sources for any information regarding Event capturing and have found the following information.

Progress supports only the IDispatch interface for a COM object to
send events to. If the ActiveX Automation object you are using
requires its container to have an interface specific to its events and
does not implement the ability to use the IDispatch interface then
Progress will not be able to receive the events.
<end Snip>

Could anyone confirm if the Mappoint COM object uses the IDispatch interface or am I going to have to chase Microsoft technical support for an answer to this one.

Thanks In Advance,